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Tree service and tree care can be expensive, and we know first hand how maintaining a property and keeping it secure can eat away at a budget.

We work with insurance, ofer flexible payment solutions, and perform all our services in-house. Price can be a big factor, and we do everything in our power to keep it low. We’re out to be the busiest tree service in Canton, GA.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Shared Values

Our jobs are performed quickly, safely, and have a 100% guarantee. We understand that you, as the customer, need assurances that the work you pay us for will meet or exceed your expectations. As fully licensed and insured tree service professionals, we understand that the most important part of “customer service” is the customer.

From time to time, we may miss something on the job; if that happens, we promise to make it right. We back our work completely, and never ever cut corners. If we pride ourselves on one thing, it’s our work ethic. Our ability to work quickly, thoroughly and affordably puts our service ahead of the rest.

Tree service customers, like others, want someone to shoot straight with them. Nobody likes smoke up the rear, and when there’s hundreds or thousands of dollars on the line, the first thing everybody needs to hear is the truth. If there are potential complications or contingencies, we’ll let you know first. If there are safety concerns with your property, we’ll let you know first. Never will we take any risk without proper assessment and communication with our customers. That’s an All In promise.

Sense of Urgency

While we never rush to complete a job (haste makes waste, as they say), we don’t lolling either. When we perform tree removal or tree care services, we know that you don’t want us there longer than we have to be.

We’re fully staffed to get at any job and handle it quickly. Most jobs can be done in half a day, and by the time we’re gone you’ll have never known we were there (aside from the new yard look and feel, mind you).

We want you to get to enjoying your property quickly without the noise of machines constantly running, and we want you to be so pleased that you’ll call us again.

Safety is Paramount

Are there cheaper tree service companies out there in Canton? Sure (though not many). The issue that, horrifyingly enough, many homeowners run into is that they hire one of the companies (usually not a company, but “some guy” who said he could do the job) and an accident happened.

The tree service provider either didn’t know or wasn’t able to take proper safety precautions, and not a tree has fallen on a house, car, or even worse a person.

In this event, that tree service provider is completely to blame; however, what happens when you find out they’re uninsured? Lawsuits can take a long time, and meanwhile you’ll be paying your homeowners deductible to cover the damage.

You need a company like All In. Fully insured and completely equipped, we’re happy to say that we’ve never (knock on wood) had an accident like this because we take the proper precautions from the get-go.

Quality, Quality Quality

You’ve probably hired a tree service, plumbing service or electrical service and been only mostly pleased with their work…or maybe completely disappointed. It’s pretty obvious when a professional just wants to get in and out and on to the next. 

Not here. At All In Tree Service, we prioritize quality. No matter what we have to do, or how long it takes, our tree services are done with a perfectionist’s touch and an artist’s eye.

We’re going to make sure that, when we’re done, we’ve blown your expectations out of the water.  

Our Guarantee

It’s no secret that the best, most powerful way to grow a business is to have happy customers say great things about the company to friends, family, and their online community.

We want and need glowing reviews in order to grow. Furthermore, we want to be known as the best in the biz for Canton tree service. That’s why we guarantee our work.

We guarantee safety with licenses and insurance, we guarantee our labor with a 100% satisfaction promise, and we guarantee your happiness with our performance.

And if ever we don’t meet the expectation, we make it right. Always.