Tree Removal Service in Woodstock, Georgia. What Should I Ask to Determine the Best?

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I have heard enough horror stories about shabby tree removal services around Woodstock to fill a War and Peace worth of pages.

The vast majority of them start something like this, “I found a guy who promised to do it for the least amount of money…”

There are plenty of areas in life to be thrifty and cut costs: buying a used car, using reusable glass containers rather than one-use plastics, or making coffee at home rather than stopping by the big green circle on the way to work.

Let me say this clearly – Do not let “how much” be the only question you ask before committing to a tree removal service. You might regret it when something goes wrong.

Tree Care Woodstock

If I were shopping for a tree care provider in Woodstock or anywhere, for that matter, I would be sure to ask the following questions before agreeing to a service:

Are you insured and do you have proof of insurance?

Insurance is an absolute necessity.  When you think of tree removal services, you might think accidents with saws or tree limbs are the only threat. How about when a heavy piece of equipment crushes a sewer line? That gets costly.

Tree Company Woodstock

Your tree company should have easy access to their proof of insurance and be willing to provide it to you when requested.

Are you familiar with the service or problem I am needing help with?

When you are recommended to have surgery, a typical response is to ask the surgeon how many times they have performed the procedure.

This is a perfectly fair question to ask your potential tree service provider! Have they dealt with a tree this large? What about one that is so precariously leaning over a house? If the answer is indirect or some sort of diversion, you might want to consider a different tree company.

Will you be bringing heavy equipment into my yard?

I take pride in my yard and I am sure you do, too! The last thing I want is unexpected lawn or garden damage.

Beyond unsightly tire ruts, large pieces of equipment can damage what lies beneath the surface. If heavy equipment is to be involved, having a local utility come mark the underground concerns first could be a massive benefit.

A great tree company should put down plywood to protect any vulnerable lawn areas and take pressure off sensitive underground systems.

Do you clean up after the tree is removed?

All In Tree Service of Woodstock

All In Tree Service charges an additional fee for tree stump grinding. This is typical but what makes us different is we let you know ahead of time.

Many companies will add on a fee for cleanup and the customer is in the dark until the bill is revealed.

We believe our stump grinding is fairly priced and when we do it, we do it right.

Take the time to clarify what a company does when they are done with the tree removal portion of the job. In Woodstock, many customers request the tree be cut for firewood – just work this arrangement out ahead of time with your tree company.

If you are ready to find the perfect tree removal service in Woodstock, be sure to ask these questions before committing. Just a few moments of conversation could help avoid a major problem down the road.

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