Today was another reminder of just how much I love working in Cherokee County. And more specifically, how much I love working in Canton. Today was a cold, sunny day in the beautiful suburb of northern Atlanta and our view from the job just made me reflect on how much I love what I do.

We got a call from a client out in Canton who wanted a quote on about a dozen trees. She wanted to have them removed and have the stumps ground down. And then she wanted us to do a little bit of grading. She was planning to plant grass seed and fence her backyard because the daughter wanted to get a dog.

And of course we were happy to oblige. After receiving a handful of quotes, she decided to go with All In Tree Service. We don’t guarantee our prices but quite often it doesn’t matter. We are routinely a great value and when customers see us work they know they are getting quite a steal.

All 12 trees were situated pretty close to the home so we got to the job site early because we knew it was going to be a long day. Removing trees  can be pretty painstaking when they are all very close to the house. And because there were more trees to the rear of the home, we could use our tractor to direct the trees so we had to top them slowly.

But by around lunch time, we were through about half of the trees and we got the stump grinder to work. Once a handful of the stumps were ground down, we were able to maneuver the tractor to the back of the yard so that we could use it for the 6 remaining trees that were close to the house. This made dropping them much quicker.

Once all the trees were gone around 3 pm, we quickly ground the remaining stumps while the tractor got to work doing some grading across the back of the property. And this is when I noticed it. With all the trees gone in the back of the property, a window was opened where we could see downtown Atlanta. It was a breathtaking view. I sat there and just looked for at least ten minutes until one of my guys checked that I was ok.

Cherokee County can do this to you. Being part of the Cumberland Plateau and the foothills of the Appalachians provides the occasional opportunity to be on a hillside that can give you a few that takes your breath away. I called the homeowner out to look and she was floored as well. Having always had trees around her home, she never knew that her view could be so great. It added even more to the job for her. Now she had more than just a usable backyard. She had a usable backyard with a view

If you can’t tell from this post, we love what we do at All In Tree Service. It is a passion. We love  what we do when it comes to tree removal but more importantly we love the kind of satisfaction it brings to clients when they can turn a wooded area into a yard that they can live in. Call All In Tree Service today if you live in the Canton area and want a free estimate on removing those trees so you can start using that back yard.

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