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Safety and beauty are the primary reasons that most people get trees removed. From hazardous trees that threaten a property to needing to add curb-appeal and functionality, tree removal is an essential service to property owners.

Unfortunately, too many tree removal companies don’t take you, the customer, into full consideration. They’re often more concerned about getting the job done fast, and not about getting it done right.

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Every tree removal job is different, and every property requires its own specific considerations before work begins. There are a few best practices that your tree removal company ought to have in order to safely and thoroughly remove your trees.

Safety is Paramount

From the safety of the crew to the safety of you, the primary consideration for a tree removal service to make ought to be “what could go wrong?” Understanding the softness of the ground, proximity to buildings and utilities, and weather conditions all have a part to play.

From your perspective, you’ll need to ensure your company is licensed and insured, and can be held liable for damages. There’s nothing worse than hiring a cut-rate tree service company only to have them say “sorry” and leave after destroying your property.

Proper safety considerations are in place to make sure that your person, your property, and our workers are fully equipped and protected so that when a tree removal job is done, you’re happy and satisfied.

Preparation is Key

Being able to see and assess every job before work begins means we’ll know exactly what you need from us to achieve a perfectly executed tree removal service. Most of the time, jobs are simple and don’t require much, but sometimes jobs are complicated by a number of factors and we want to be prepared for them.

Sometimes this means bringing extra equipment or people to complete a job, and sometimes it means preparing the surrounding area so that we can work safely.

Whatever the case, prepping ahead of time, and communicating the entirety of the need to you, will help us all have the right expectations for the work to come.

Managing Expectations

We’ve all been in a situation, either with a service contractor or at a retail store, where the professional working with us ended up making promises they could not keep.

Whether done intentionally or not, it doesn’t do much to build trust when the pro says one thing and does another. That’s a huge part of customer service, and it ought to be prioritized.

When we do an on-site estimate for tree removal in Cherokee County, we make sure we lay out all the little details so you know exactly what you’re getting into. We also tell you about any contingencies that are possible, so you’re not thrown off in case something unexpected comes up.

Comparative Assets

So much of tree removal, and tree service in general, can be attributed to the types and qualities of the machinery the company you hire uses. Cheap chainsaws and dull blades make for a longer, more expensive job done to lower quality standards.

When the tree removal company cuts corners on their equipment, they’re going to cut corners on your job as well. That’s why we use the highest-grade tree removal and stump grinding equipment.

We want to be out of your hair as soon as we can while still ensuring a clean job every time. We consider high-end tree cutting equipment to be an investment that pays us back in the form of customer satisfaction and repeat business.