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Our Tree Cabling Methods Help Preserve & Secure Large Trees and Limbs, and Help Young Trees Grow Properly

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It might seem simple, but preserving large trees and guiding small ones takes a detailed and knowledgable eye. While tree cabling could be looked at as just “a rope on a tree”, the reality is that the method of using ropes to secure trees takes a deep understanding of what needs to be accomplished in the growth and health of that tree.

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Tree Cabling VS Tree Removal: Why You Might Cable Instead...

Preservation and growth are the primary reasons people use tree cabling instead of tree removal services. While tree removal is certainly our bread and butter, we love helping our customers save and nurture the trees they love, extending the lives of trees for centuries.

Tree Cabling for Large Trees

Sometimes large trees with sprawling limbs become overburdened by their own weight. Other factors, like lean, or natural uprooting, can contribute to the tree becoming a danger to nearby structures or common areas.

But, those trees are often the most beautiful, provide the most shade, and have the most historic value on a property. It seems a shame to needlessly remove something so old and grand.

We use tree cabling to support this kind of tree, extending its life and adding security to the surrounding area. Well placed ropes and cables can add stability to the trunk, allowing the roots to take hold deeper instead of wider.

Tree Cabling for Small Trees

Typically used in commercial development, small tree cabling is a way to stabilize, guide and protect small trees as they take root and grow.

Sometimes a vertical guide stick is used, and sometimes a circular metal frame is used; either way, the tree cabling flows the young trees to grow straight up.

What’s more, the cabling adds support agains wind, rain, and shifting grounds, and ensured a deep root foundation. This allows the trees to become sturdy, solid installments of a property.

How Tree Cabling Improves Tree Health

Tree cabling has a long history of improving tree health. It’s a practice that was standardized in the early 1900s. Though tree cabling methods have advanced with modern techniques, it is still one of the most proven methods of aiding a tree that is too weak to support its weight.

We can provide advanced protection for your tree to help it grow and live for generations. As a local tree service company, we have a wide range of strategies in our arsenal to keep trees healthy. We take our role seriously by continuously upgrading our skills, knowledge, and equipment so that your trees will thrive.

The Importance of Aftercare When Tree Cabling

Aftercare is also an important procedure for tree cabling. Though cables can last from 20 to 40 years, your tree should still be evaluated about every 5 years to ensure the cables are performing as anticipated.

This should be conducted by a licensed and certified arborist and All In Tree Service of Canton is well placed to provide you with this service as a long-standing operation in the region. Our inspections ensure that you have accurate details about your tree’s health and the needed approaches to maintain its integrity.