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It’s one thing to cut down trees…the process is roughly the same for every yard, and tree can then be chopped, chipped, or hauled away, depending on the property owner’s desire.

It’s another thing entirely to remove a tree stump. While the trunk and branches can often be dispatched with minimal hardware (a chainsaw and a tree jack), the stump is help firmly in-ground by a deep root system, and the issues therein can be problematic ling after the tree itself is gone.

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Stump Grinding: A Deeper Purpose

Did you know that root systems can continue to grow after a tree is removed? This can be a big problem if your stump is near a driveway or sidewalk. Did you know that tree stumps can house snakes, mice, rats and roaches underneath? Another problem of your trees are close to a home. Lastly, did you know that tree stumps can keep your yard from being safe? Many people trip over small stumps hidden beneath leaves, or accidentally run them over with their mowers, which ends up damaging the blades and deck.

The list of reasons to have your stumps ground down goes on and on. Here’s a few reasons you may want to have it done:

Critter Control

The importance of this can’t be overstated. While plots of land often look like they’re just trees and brush to be whacked out, it can often be so much more involved.

Surrounding areas, local laws and existing utilities and structures can mean that certain liabilities have to be in order to safely proceed with work. The land clearing company needs to be in-line with all existing laws, and needs the proper licensing to work legally.

Moreover, if an unlicensed company begins work, doesn’t take the necessary steps ahead of time to get the job approved or utility lines marked and then messes something up, you could be on the hook for loads of money in repair and legal fees.

Concrete Preservation

Even though we pride ourselves on being super affordable, there’s also something to be said for honestly estimating a job, and including tertiary costs in that job.

Often times hiring a company or person simply because they’re the cheapest can lead to a more expensive job over-all. That’s not to say that the cheapest is always bad, but it’s important to look at a company’s track record before hiring them, especially if they’re quoting loads under the next competing company.

Often times less experienced or less legitimate companies charge less to secure jobs they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise, and when land development depends on the land being properly cleared,. this can be a huge factor in your decision.

Yard Safety for Active Users

If you’re the type of person that loves being out in your yard, but you’ve got small stumps here and there, you probably know what it’s like to trip over one, run it over on the mower, or have it snag a shoelace as you walk buy. Removing those stump will mean seamless use of your yard, and the difference is bigger than a lot of people realize.

People tell us often how, after removing the stumps from their yards, they’re more comfortable being outside, or letting their kids run free in the yard. Even in autumn, when leaves start covering the ground, running and playing in the yard become seamless acts of fun and not worrisome playtimes.

Besides removing the trip hazards, grinding stumps means having a more visually appealing yard as well. Who wants a bunch of old stumps poking out of the ground when you could have a nice, smooth surface and complete control to do whatever it is you want to do with your yard?

Stump removal services all sorts of purposes, and never have we removed a stump to find a customer wishing it was still around. Stump grinding is a standard part of tree removal, and can easily be done the same day.