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Stump Grinding Ball Ground

It's one thing to cut down trees...the process is roughly the same for every yard, and  tree can then be chopped, chipped, or hauled away, depending on the property owner's desire. 

It's another thing entirely to remove a tree stump. While the trunk and branches can often be dispatched with minimal hardware (a chainsaw and a tree jack), the stump is help firmly in-ground by a deep root system, and the issues therein can be problematic ling after the tree itself is gone. 

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Stump Grinding: A Deeper Purpose

Did you know that root systems can continue to grow after a tree is removed? This can be a big problem if your stump is near a driveway or sidewalk. Did you know that tree stumps can house snakes, mice, rats and roaches underneath? Another problem of your trees are close to a home. Lastly, did you know that tree stumps can keep your yard from being safe? Many people trip over small stumps hidden beneath leaves, or accidentally run them over with their mowers, which ends up damaging the blades and deck. 

The list of reasons to have your stumps ground down goes on and on. Here's a few reasons you may want to have it done:

Critter Control

We all know birds, squirrels and chipmunks live high up in trees, but seldom do we think about what might be living underneath, After a tree is chopped down, the stump that remains begins to rot. Those rotting areas become ideal homes for the critters least-likely to be welcome in your home. 

Mice, rats and roaches all find solace in rotting wood, as to ants and termites. While in the wild these critters don't bother anyone, not many people want them in their home. 

It's a pretty easy trek from under a tree stump to the kitchen of your house if the two things are close, and invasive species like roaches and termites won't think twice before filling up your walls if they get the chance.

Grinding stumps helps reduce these populations by not allowing them an easy shelter near the house. 

Concrete Preservation

Some species of tree have roots that continue to grow after the tree itself has been removes. Attached to the stump, the roots spread underground and can push up driveways, sidewalks and walkways. 

When stump grinding is done correctly, it disables the root's ability to continue growth as it severs them from their host. The roots decompose underground, and the surrounding concrete is saved. 

This not only preserves the concrete of driveways and such, but also other plants and trees nearby. Entangled roots can sometimes kill neighboring trees, as they will attempt to feed of the living tree's root system and rib it of water and nutrients. 

Yard Safety for Active Users

If you're the type of person that loves being out in your yard, but you've got small stumps here and there, you probably know what it's like to trip over one, run it over on the mower, or have it snag a shoelace as you walk buy. Removing those stump will mean seamless use of your yard, and the difference is bigger than a lot of people realize. 

People tell us often how, after removing the stumps from their yards, they're more comfortable being outside, or letting their kids run free in the yard. Even in autumn, when leaves start covering the ground, running and playing in the yard become seamless acts of fun and not worrisome playtimes. 

Besides removing the trip hazards, grinding stumps means having a more visually appealing yard as well. Who wants a bunch of old stumps poking out of the ground when you could have a nice, smooth surface and complete control to do whatever it is you want to do with your yard? 

Stump removal services all sorts of purposes, and never have we removed a stump to find a customer wishing it was still around. Stump grinding is a standard part of tree removal, and can easily be done the same day. 

What Our Clients Are Saying...

All In showed up right on time, and worked throughout the day to remove several big oaks from our back yard. The deck guys we hired were able to start work the very next day, and it all went so fast.

Tree Services Woodstock, Canton satisfied customer

Hernando Valdez

We've hired various tree service companies for our land clearing needs...I'm in property management. All In is far and away the most pro company we've worked with, and we'll be using them again.

Tree Service Woodstock, Tree Service Canton Satisfied Customer

Johnathan Rainey

I bought a new house and the yard was filled with stumps. All in came and cleared them all out in a matter of 2 days. I really thought it would take longer. And now the kids can play in the yard without falling!

Tree Service Woodstock, Canton Satisfied Customer

Andrea Wazowski

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