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Residential land clearing and commercial land clearing are often needed for different purposes; however, the process is largely the same.

The thing about land clearing is that it’s often more than just removing trees and brush…it’s also about making sure that the land is ready to use, and that no surrounding structures or utilities have been modified.

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Land Clearing Do's and Do-not's

Residential property owners will often buy a piece of land with big plans, only to find out the obstacles holding them back are greater than they anticipated. From county regulations and underground utilities to the sheer magnitude of labor needed to complete a job, taking on a land clearing job in DIY fashion is more times than not a fools errand.

Commercial property owners face similar hurdles to clearing land, and they also have to to do a lot of planning to make sure the ground is ready to build on when they’re done. They take great care to hire companies like ALL IN Tree Service, who take the building needs into consideration when clearing land.

Whichever camp you fall into, you’ll need to know what to ask about when receiving a land clearing estimate.

DO Make Sure Your Land Clearing Company is Licensed and Insured

The importance of this can’t be overstated. While plots of land often look like they’re just trees and brush to be whacked out, it can often be so much more involved.

Surrounding areas, local laws and existing utilities and structures can mean that certain liabilities have to be in order to safely proceed with work. The land clearing company needs to be in-line with all existing laws, and needs the proper licensing to work legally.

Moreover, if an unlicensed company begins work, doesn’t take the necessary steps ahead of time to get the job approved or utility lines marked and then messes something up, you could be on the hook for loads of money in repair and legal fees.

DON'T Allow Price to be the Determining Factor in Your Decision

Even though we pride ourselves on being super affordable, there’s also something to be said for honestly estimating a job, and including tertiary costs in that job.

Often times hiring a company or person simply because they’re the cheapest can lead to a more expensive job over-all. That’s not to say that the cheapest is always bad, but it’s important to look at a company’s track record before hiring them, especially if they’re quoting loads under the next competing company.

Often times less experienced or less legitimate companies charge less to secure jobs they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise, and when land development depends on the land being properly cleared,. this can be a huge factor in your decision.

DO Ask the Companies You Vet for References

The best way to know if your land clearing company is going to be worth the money you pay is to simply ask for references. A reputable company like ALL IN will be able to give you names and contact information of past customers who will be happy to answer your questions and recommend (or in some cases warn you against) the company in question.

Tree service customers are almost always happy to answer the questions of potential new customers, and since land clearing is such a huge undertaking, this is a step worth taking before you make a decision.

DON'T Get Stuck Paying For Unnecessary Labor

Just like with any other industry, land clearing companies come in a variety of qualities, strengths and specialties. This is a good thing, as variety in any market gives customers options; however, it can also lead to extra costs of you are not careful about who you hire.

Make sure the company you choose meets the following criteria to avoid unnecessary costs:

1. Fully licensed and insured

2. Specializes in large tree removal

3. Has commercial-grade equipment

4. Has obtained the proper, needed approvals before beginning work

5. Can prove past successful jobs with online reviews, referrals and photo/video evidence