What a wonderful day! Now, it was cold. Very cold. But all it takes is working with trees in the summer that gives you an appreciation for a cold day. After an hour or so, the blood gets flowing so that any cold we were feeling appears to be gone.

But enough about me complaining about how cold it was today and onto me talking about another happy customer thanks to the hard work and professionalism we dedicate ourselves to over at All In Tree Service.

The wind a couple of nights ago was pretty strong. We had a couple of calls for debris cleanup after the wind was responsible for blowing down some limbs. And speaking of blown down limbs, it was some errant limbs that got this customer to call us.

A lovely young couple close to downtown Woodstock called us needing three trees to be removed near their house. Apparently, the wife had been bugging the husband about the trees for a couple of months because she felt they were too close to the house. They have a newborn, so safety is definitely her number one concern.

So, when the wind storm came and knocked a branch (small, but a branch no less) onto their house, the husband was prompted to call some tree service companies for a bid. And fortunately, he was able to find All In Tree Service. And, as always, 2 things stuck out to him that seem to stick out to all of our customers.

1) Our responsiveness. We love what we do. And to continue doing what we do, we know we need to be responsive to our client’s needs because many people are on a schedule. So we take it serious when you call us and we try to get to you in no more than 48 hours. Now! I am not making a guarantee. But what I am saying is that almost all of the time, we are able to get a bid to you in under 48 hours.

2) Our price. While we do not offer a price guarantee, we have come to realize that we do not usually need to. We have proven to our clients time and again that our price is nearly impossible to beat. Of course, if you call enough companies that you find on the internet, you will eventually find a tree service in Woodstock that is cheaper than we are. However, it is likely they are uninsured, unlicensed, or simply unprofessional. So just make sure you are asking the right questions about the quality of their work.

So, ultimately the husband settled with us and 2 days later we were on site removing the three trees that were so close to the house. And when we say “remove” trees, we mean that we REMOVE them. Everything. All leaves, branches, and evidence of the trunk. Now… stump grinding does not come with tree removal, but we guarantee that our stump grinding prices will also be the best you can find.

So, if you live in Woodstock and are in need of tree removal, please give us a call. All In Tree Service  is THE premier tree removal service in all of Woodstock and we guarantee you will be happy with your results.

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